Betty Hillman

Betty is a thirty year verteran chef/restauranteur turned EMT/ER Tech and part-time bookseller with a major addiction to Argentine tango. She loves to read fiction (no mystery/horror or anything too creepy) and also enjoys memoir.

Betty's Picks:

The Guest Book

by Sarah Blake

A good writer & a good read. Three generations of a family and their secrets and beliefs. Beautiful!

When All is Said

by Anne Griffin

I absolutely loved this book! Beautifully written- tender and thoughtful. Can't say enough about it accept READ IT!

The River

by Peter Heller

Adventure, mystery and beautiful "nature" writing. Peter Heller is a master - the Poet in him comes out time and time again. Loved it!


Isaac Mizrahi

Interested in fashion or NYC in the 80's? Then you will enjoy this book - written with honesty & a sense of humor!

The Lost Girls of Paris

by Pam Jenoff

Yes, yet another WWII book...a good read and a good story you will stay with because you will want to know what happened.


Jessica Barry

It you are looking for a quick pull you in sort of book, this is it! Plot twists & turns keep you guessing - crossover fiction/thriller.


by Michelle Obama

I can't say enough about this book. Forthcoming, honest, candid and fully exhibits Michelle's grace & integrity. It filled me with awe & aspir...

The Girls at 17 Swan St.

by Yara Zgheib

An interesting story about those suffering from eating disorders. Thoughtful, poignant and well written. Heartbreaking but hopeful as well.

The Age of Light

by Whitney Scharer

A beautifully written historical novel about Lee Miller. Her art & her relationships and the struggles inherent in both. Spans the time period of the...


by Elizabeth McCracken

I loved this book! Wonderfully weird characters, the story is set in a bowling alley that becomes so much more. Well written with insight & humor and...

A Well Behaved Woman

by Therese Fowler

A well written historical novel about a truly fascinating woman - Alva Vanderbuilt. I found it very interesting & captivating!

American Pop

by Snowden Wright

A quirky fun read!

The Silent Patient

by Alex Michaelides

A psychological thriller that pulls you right in and keeps you engaged. Intense and chilling as as the plot twists & turns. Just when you think...

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

by Heather Morris

Yes - another WWII book - but it's worthy of your time & emotional output. Based on a true story. Historical fiction bery well written & captivati...


by Barbara Kingsolver

Beautifully written story of parallel universes coming together under the "same roof". Woven together in a masterful way.

Cloud in the Shape of a Girl

by Jean

Definitely enjoyed this book. A story of three generations of women, their trials, choices, and how they relate.

The Caregiver

by Samuel Park

Beautifully written. At the same time intense & tender. The last book for a wonderful writer. Filled with all the human emotion in relationships.


by Daniel Torday

This book brought up many mixed feelings. The main character infuriated me while others were quite interesting. All in all it surprisingly kept me in...

A Terrible Country

by Keith Gessen

Very well written story of a young Russian-American who goes back to Russia to take care of his grandmother - insightful, funny and sentimental.

Tango Lessons

by Meghan Flaherty

A wonderful memoir - I loved it...but I'm a tango enthusiast. It will speak to those that dance, bothe beginners & masters or to anyone that is ju...

How Hard Can it Be?

by Allison Pearson

Target audience - middle age women - funny, witty, & insightful. Great summer read!


by Nico Walker

This book does not sugarcoat the experiences of an addict and an Iraq war veteran. It is raw and visceral and appears to be very autobiographical.

Us Against You

by Frederik Backman

Another great one by Backman - very finely deals with many current socio-political issues.

The Only Story

by Julian Barnes

WE all have our defining story. For Paul, a 19 year old young man, it is his relationship with 48 year old Mrs. McCloud. Well written and beautifully...


by Lisa Halliday

A well written interesting read. Puzzling but intriguing in how it all fits together.

An American Marriage

by Tayari Jones

Beautifully written - timely and a powerful story.


Not my usual pick...but... A MADCAP Caper! Totally unbelievable yet infuriatingly intriguing. Kept me totally engaged.


Michael Chabon

A great writer- not a fast read but worth the time! Although memoir/fiction, it read like a memoir for me. I was totally engrossed.

George and Lizzie

Nancy Pearl

Picked it up for an easy read, and I was quite surprised that I enjoyed this book so much.


Weinke Wang

A wonderful surprise! Wang totally engages us with her humor, wit, charm, and all the while examines life's hard decisions and sacrifices in findi...

Heather, the Totality

Matthew Weiner

Masterfully written by the writer and producer of "Mad Men." Well constructed novella of the perfect length. Keeps you fully engaged. (*Read...

My Absolute Darling

Gabriel Tallent

Not for the faint-hearted- rough language and a hard subject matter. But a gripping, well-written story about survival.


Min Jin Lee

A great read and a wonderful four generational saga. Also an informative look at the Korean-Japanese historical relationship.

Anything is Possible

Elizabeth Strout

With the same structure and style of Olive Kittredge, Strout creates another masterpiece. Wonderful characters, filled with humanity and emotion. I fo...


Fredrik Backman

Another great one from Backman--sad and alarming but at same time moments of humor and humanity that tell an important story.

A Line Made by Walking

Sara Baume

For those that enjoy "stream of consciousness" this is a beautifully written and character driven novel.


Peter Heller

A great writer! Engrossing story of family and relationships , mixed with nature and mystery--brought together with Heller's mastery.


Michael Chabon

Not a quick read, but a great one-worth the work! The characters come alive and for me reads much more as a memoir than fiction!

Irena's Children

Tilar Mazzeo

A fascinating story of courage and compassion. A little know heroine who worked with and along side many others to save over 2,500 children.

Last Painting of Sara de Vos

Dominic Smith

A great and interesting read. LOVED it!

Father's Day

Simon Van Booy

This book took me by surprise. Van Booy builds his characters with so much compassion and sensitivity, with a wonderful style. Brings a diamond from t...

Britt-Marie was Here

Fredrik Backman

In the Style of a "Man Called Ove" Backman does it again. Irresistable and charming! LOVED it!

Spill Simmer Falter Wither

Sara Baume

Beautifully written! Her descriptive language makes you mell, taste, and see all that she writes. Powerful & intense-I was drawn right in.

The Arrangement

Ashley Warlick

The story of MFK Fisher, a complicated, senuous and provactive woman. A very well written historical novel.

My Name is Lucy Barton

Elizabeth Strout

Another great one from Elizabeth Strout. Her characters are so rich and human. Great story telling.

Circling the Sun

Paula McLain

I loved this book! Story of Beryl Markham and her amazing life - brilliantly written. As good or better than "A Paris Wife".

Little Paris Bookshop

Nina George

An enchanting adventure through everything I love - Paris, Books, and Tango!