The Comedy Bible Workbook: The Interactive Companion to "The New Comedy Bible" (Paperback)

The Comedy Bible Workbook: The Interactive Companion to
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This workbook is a must-have for the owners of Judy Carter's "The New Comedy Bible."

It provides a proven method for creating, capturing, and honing pro comedy material. Think of it as a "how-to" manual for building a comedy career, joke by joke.

It provides 5 sections for readers to workshop their material:

  • Section 1: 48 Exercises to Turn Problems into Punchlines
  • Section 2: Jokes in Progress by Topic (Place to write & workshop material in progress)
  • Section 3: My Act: Polished Jokes by Topic (Final resting place of your comedy gems)
  • Section 4: Set Lists (Place to store the running order of your act based on time & theme)
  • Section 5: Morning Writings (30 writing prompts to create material)

"Judy Carter helps others find their authentic persona and communicate it in a way that makes audiences laugh." - Lily Tomlin"

"Judy Carter's book gave me the tools to have a successful career in stand-up comedy." - Maz Jobrani"

"Judy Carter's comedy-building exercises launched my comedy career." Sherri Shepherd

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ISBN: 9780578622125
ISBN-10: 0578622122
Publisher: Comedy Workshops
Publication Date: December 31st, 2019
Pages: 220
Language: English