The Bearded Dragon Manual, 2nd Edition: Expert Advice for Keeping and Caring for a Healthy Bearded Dragon (Paperback)

The Bearded Dragon Manual, 2nd Edition: Expert Advice for Keeping and Caring for a Healthy Bearded Dragon Cover Image

The Bearded Dragon Manual, 2nd Edition: Expert Advice for Keeping and Caring for a Healthy Bearded Dragon (Paperback)



Reptiles are popular pets, and it can be argued that the bearded dragon is the best reptile to keep as a pet. This newly updated and expanded edition of the best-selling The Bearded Dragon Manual promises to excite new and seasoned herp enthusiasts with its in-depth discussion on all aspects of dragon keeping and its brilliant color photography. Written by a team of recognized herpetoculture authorities, veterinarians, and specialists, this volume offers comprehensive information that will be welcomed by newcomers and experienced bearded-dragon enthusiasts alike.

Inside The Bearded Dragon Manual:

-History and characteristics of the different types of bearded dragons

-How to select bearded dragons as pets or for breeding

-Creating a comfortable habitat for your bearded dragon with proper heat and lighting

-Understanding typical bearded-dragon behavior

-Feeding your dragon a nutritionally sound diet throughout its life

-Recognizing signs of disease and how to handle health issues

-Informative health and feeding charts as well as helpful answers to dragon-keeping FAQs

-Close to 100 color photographs, including a section dedicated to beautifully colored morphs

-A special chapter on the care and breeding of frilled dragons
Philippe de Vosjoli is an expert on reptile husbandry who revolutionized herpetoculture with the Advanced Vivarium Systems series of books. He has written more than twenty books and one hundred articles on the care and breeding of reptiles and amphibians.

Terri M Sommella: Terri M. Sommella has raised and bred lizards for more than twenty years. She founded Fire and Ice Dragons in 2000 with Adam Seltzer, and they continue to produce beautiful bearded dragons and educate new herpers along the way.

Robert Mailloux is the owner of Sandfire Dragon Ranch and the originator of the spectacularly colored Sandfire bearded dragon morph. He was the first person to commercially breed several of the frog species now available in the pet trade.

Susan Donoghue, VMD, is a board-certified diplomate in the American in the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. She has written more than 150 chapters and articles on nutrition and health, designs and markets the Walkabout Farm line of dietary products for herps, and is an avid bearded dragon breeder.

Roger Klingenberg, DVM, was inspired to pursue a veterinary degree due to his love of reptiles. His veterinary specialization in reptiles along with many years of experience keeping numerous types of reptiles has led to his being recognized at the forefront of the field of reptile veterinary medicine and surgery.

Jerry Cole has bred and kept reptiles since the early 1980s and runs BJ Herp Supplies with his wife, Belinda. They supply captive-bred stock, equipment, and publications, as well as unique reptile-oriented supplies of their own design, to retailers and hobbyists across the UK and continental Europe.
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Publisher: Companionhouse Books
Publication Date: December 27th, 2016
Pages: 224
Language: English