Prayer Against Global New World Order (Paperback)

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There are many signs and occurrences that the scripture pointed out about the end time and most of these prophesies are already manifesting on earth showing the closeness of the coming of Christ.The world is experiencing them like earthquakes, disasters, untimely deaths, famine, and some kinds of tribulations.This book is written through some revelations and visions shown to some people like the evangelists and prophets to open your eyes more about the agents of antichrist whose missions and ambitions are to pull down many off from their faith and turn them towards destruction. they have come to bring a new global world order to make their plans successful on earth. The church is presently facing some kind of tribulations and trials and we need the great intervention of God now. These agents will appear as the angels of light but they are wolves in sheep clothing.There are powerful prayers in this book to help you stay strong and overcome during these strange times. It will also guide and direct you with fasting if you are led by your spirit to pray for yourself, your family and the world as a whole. The devotionals will keep your faith strong in Christ and will be a strong form of encouragement to you and your family as well.
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ISBN: 9798634770376
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: April 7th, 2020
Pages: 80
Language: English