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Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel: Specifications, Connections, Details Cover Image
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Stoned: Architects, Designers & Artists on the Rocks Cover Image
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Visual Discoveries: A Collection of Sections Cover Image
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Passivhaus-Bauteilkatalog: Neubau / Details for Passive Houses: New Buildings: Ökologisch Bewertete Konstruktionen / A Catalogue of Ecologically Rated Cover Image
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Form+Code in Design, Art, and Architecture: Introductory book for digital design and media arts Cover Image
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The Ecologies of the Building Envelope: A Material History and Theory of Architectural Surfaces Cover Image
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Wood Architecture & Design Cover Image
Building from Waste: Recovered Materials in Architecture and Construction Cover Image
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Rethinking Wood: Future Dimensions of Timber Assembly Cover Image
By Markus Hudert (Editor), Sven Pfeiffer (Editor)
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Spaces in Architecture: Areas, Distances, Dimensions Cover Image
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Biomimetics for Architecture: Learning from Nature Cover Image
By Jan Knippers (Editor), Ulrich Schmid (Editor), Thomas Speck (Editor)
Light and Emotions: Exploring Lighting Cultures. Conversations with Lighting Designers Cover Image
By Vincent Laganier (Editor), Jasmine Van Der Pol (Editor)
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