Lisa Sullivan is the owner of Bartleby’s Books. Lisa left the hectic world of high-tech marketing for the quiet life in Vermont. The quiet lasted about six months, until she started working in bookstores, community volunteerism, and raising children. She is a reader of fiction, memoir, young adult and cookbooks. Lisa hopes to one day have enough time to use some of the fantastic cookbook library she is building. Lisa lives in Wilmington with her husband, Phil Taylor and their three children, Ally, Zach and Jacob.



Ana McDaniel is the manager at Bartleby's Books. Ana came to Southern Vermont twenty years ago as a Marlboro College student, fell in love with the area, and is now happily raising her family in the woods of Southern Vermont. Ana is a serious reader of EVERYTHING, but her true love and devotion will always remain with the children's section.


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Betty is a thirty year verteran chef/restauranteur turned EMT/ER Tech and part-time bookseller with a major addiction to Argentine tango.  She loves to read fiction (no mystery/horror or anything too creepy) and also enjoys memoir.

BETTY HILLMAN - Bookseller


Maria grew up in the Deerfield Valley with her 11 siblings. She moved to the South for some years where she met her husband and found her sweet dog Pepper. She particularly enjoys reading fiction, biographies, and could spend hours in our cookbook section.  As a new mom, she's having fun discovering new gems in the children's section.



Tucker has lived in the same house in Wilmington for his entire life. He currently attends Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, studying either (or all three?) sociology, social work, and intergroup relations. He enjoys fiction, social/political science, and poetry.

TUCKER BOYD - Bookseller